Course Overview

Level 3 Games Development at Cambridge Regional College firmly places students on their first steps into the games industry. Learners will gain experience with multiple tools, software and processes in order to learn how to design, develop and publish their very own games whilst focusing on one of two specialist pathways; Games Art or Games Programming.

In addition to this, students will have the opportunity to showcase their games to the public as well as industry professionals from around the area. With approximately 18% of the UKs game industry here in Cambridge, we are well situated to allow students to network with professionals and get the most out of their time here at Cambridge Regional College. Over the past few years we have been incredibly fortunate to be supported by, and work alongside, companies such as BAFTA, UKIE, ARM, Jagex, Sony, Ninja Theory, Frontier, Conscious Comms, FXP and more.

We run a variety of trips both national and international and explore museums, galleries, and cities to find inspiration and research for current projects, students will get the chance to visit a range of games expos such as EGX, EGX Rezzed and Comic Con in order to test new and unreleased titles but most importantly we run trips for students to network with industry professionals, showcase their own games and attend conferences to deepend their understanding of the industry.

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Little Red - Character Concept (2020) by Alexandru Fasie
The Mother - Character Concept (2020) by Robin Altman
Wendigo - Creature Concept (2020) by Oscar Venning
Gef the Mongoose - Animation (2020) by Jenna Marsh
Temple of Zeus - Environment (2020) by Thomas Oubridge
Interactive Museum Demo (2020) by Luke Scott

Year 1 - UAL Level 3 Diploma

UCAS Points – Pass (36) Merit (60) Distinction (84)
The first year of the course introduces students to Programming, Art, Design, Audio, Game Theory and Professional Practice. Students engage with these topics through a series of project-based assignments that enable learners to explore their chosen specialism within a broader game development context. This fully prepares them to embark on their Final Major Project half way through the year where they’re encouraged to develop a personal project or collaborate in a team to create a playable game.

Year 2 - UAL Level 3 Extended Diploma

UCAS Points – Pass (72) Merit (120) Distinction (168)
Students progressing onto the second year of the course will further develop their skillset and refine processes to begin producing marketable products. Students will be encouraged to develop projects across a range of platforms, work collaboratively to better understand studio based practice and develop their own specialised portfolios preparing for University and beyond.

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Extra Crispy - Game (2019)

Extra Crispy (2019)

A Robot Game - Game (2019)

A Robot Game (2019)

Frostbite - Game (2020)

Frostbite (2020)

Extra Crispy - Game (2019)

Extra Crispy (2019)

Creep - Game (2019)

Creep (2019)

CoreTech - Game (2019)

CoreTech (2019)