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Year 2 - Mini Game

Mini games designed and developed by our Year 2 Students

"Parallax Sky"
by James O'Neill, Jordan Hancock, Harry Kent,
Billy Wood & Ollie Armitage

by Carl Ward, Kieran Bonos,
Jacob Smith & Ryan Chapman

by Josh callus, Ian Goodliffe,
George McCartney, Sean Goodliffe, Zak Wolland & Sam Taylor

Year 1 - Independent Game

A collection of games created by 1st Year Students

Created as their first full game in a matter of weeks!

"Blight" by Adam Butler

"Cave Dive" by Henry Mitchell

"Cloud Avoider" by Gediminas Gurskis

"Mr Runner" by Robert Cox

"King of the Caves" by Alex Preston

"Spotlight" by Abi Frewer

Seasons Greetings from Rizing Games and Cambridge Regional College

"SNOWBOTS" by Jak Saward

Created during the Christmas Game Jam. Total time: 5 hours!

"Crash Santa" by Ben Gray, Henry Mitchell
and Jak Saward

"One More Go!"

A four week, arcade inspired brief following the theme of one more go!

"Blind as a Bat" by Josh Callus, Zak Wolland,
Sam Taylor, Alban Rigby and Ian Goodliffe


"Jungle Bits" by James O'Neill, Agnes Maciak,
Ewan Riddell, Andrew Brewin and Etienne Chapelot

"QWERTY" by Jon Moy, Dexter Bond,
Rory Tilford, Josh Martin and Alex Kings

"Elevate" by Carl Ward, Kieran Bonos,
Ollie Armitage and Ryan Chapman

"Jungle Maze" by Harley Ison, Oscar Williams,
Tim Morley and Tom Barnard

"Fluff Ball Frenzy" by Callum Hutchinson, Toby Meah,
Tom Bye, Greg Dunne and Sam Baldry

"Soul Rush" by Andre Lubi, Cameron Allen,
and Harry Kent


"Dungeon Raiders" by Bartek Biszkont

"VR-CADE" by Bethany Cawthorne

"Luminous Void" by Hallum Young, Lawrence Walters,
Sean Chadwick, Ben Ricci, Dan Nugent and Harry Adams

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