Joshua Burrows - Frostbite

Frostbite was planned to be a first-person survival game in which you explore for supplies in a world that is completely covered in snow from one crucial event. Though this is hasn't been fully implemented you can explore the environment freely as well as fight enemies in the environment.

The controls to move WASD, you can use the Mouse to move the camera, space bar to jump and X to crouch.

To fire you weapons you use left click and to swap between them you scroll either up or down.
When you are near ammo you can pick or near a door text will appear to tell you what button to press. For both it is either "E" or "F".

It is best to player this in full screen because if you don't play it like this, you can't switch to the other weapon sometimes.

There are a few problems with this build and I will note some of them now. When in the pause menu you can't use any of the buttons so it is best to press the Escape Key, you can't die and there is no end that will take you back to the menu. Last thing to note is to wait a little bite when you load up in the main scene since it can be a bit laggy.