Luke Scott - Museum of Change

I have been working on a product that is going to help educate people. It is a new museum and it stands for change. Visitors are going to be able to walk around and experience this new virtual experience, in a way that is fully educational and accessible to everyone. The subject is of gender equality and I have spent a lot of time researching facts to make sure they are accurate and putting them into my project for everyone to experience. However, with all great plans the museum is still under construction. Please enjoy these sneak peaks of what is yet to come, and I hope you get the chance to come and visit when the doors finally open.

Dungeons of Freedom

My project is an adventure-based game. You start off in your hometown when you notice that something is not quite right, so you decide you need to fix this. You go on a search which leads up to you being in dungeons and having to fight horrific monsters to claim your homeland back and to save your town and everyone in it.